AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Pre-Session #21

Thargus's Band of Buddies

Party: Earl, Jayda
NPCs: Percy the Sage, Caleb the Cleric, Winston the Cut-throat

On the 5th day of Patchall in the year 567, Earl the Ranger, Jayden the Magic-User, Percy the Sage, Caleb the Cleric of Heironeous and Winston the Cut-throat were gathered and commissioned by the Arch-Mage Thargus to seek out and investigate the goings on at the Serpent Mound and the corruption ensuing in the surrounding Vesve forest by the dark mage, Castamir. Each of you were chosen for your special abilities and in some cases your personal life goals that coincided with the need to take on the quest.

Thargus is a great and powerful magic-user who refers to his benefactor as “The Blue Wizard”. An enigmatic individual that no one has ever met or seen, but has a vested interest in the well-being of the Vesve Forest as Thargus says. The dark mage, Castamir has been plaguing the Vesve for months now and his enhanced ogre armies are posing a formidable threat to the balance of power in the forest.

During your briefing, you were informed of another party in the area that may have conflicting interests to your mission. They are reportedly under the employ of the church of Lothar. Should you encounter them, your instructions are to work alongside them for as long as necessary, and to gain whatever intel you can from them about their own mission, loyalties and motivations. Most importantly, is the new faith to Lothar to be trusted and are their motivations pure?

While your party was formed by an employer, you all gained a form of camaraderie over the last few weeks and had become friends who depended on one another. Your journey to the Serpent Mound was not without danger and you battled ogres, goblins and a few lesser wandering demons along the way.

Of rather serious and terrifying note was your encounter with a specifically nasty Hezrou demon, who’s seemingly unlimited darkness generation made nearly impossible to fight. You managed to flee from it after it gated in two more like itself and they began in-fighting.

Your arrival at the Serpent Mound was fortuitous in that the ogre army was not present and only one of Castamir’s small scouting parties were present outside which you were able to dispatch with relative ease and minor injuries. Inside however, you met Castamir’s dark mages and clerics of Tauralathan who were performing their dark rituals on the artifact throne in the altar room. Caleb and Winston were killed during the battle and the rest of you were forced into a tomb chamber while you attempted to retreat, only to be locked inside.


Thargus Thargus

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