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Session 11-16 recap

a.k.a. Oops, the town was sacked and the villain got away

Party: Alena, Gorm, Samson, Parsa, Zebak de-Sumarr
NPCs: Brayne, Fosco Crumbuckle, Kael, Petrie the Gnome, Stupid Bird, Castamir, Mayor Gorel, Sheriff Colilias, Gizban

After defeating the ogres posted within the tiny ruined Keep of Silveraeon’s walls, the party set out for the second ogre encampment where they rescued an additional two human prisoners from the ogres soup pots.

The party finally took time to rest before venturing back to the keep to begin exploring it. Their exploring found a skinny dipping ogre in the hot spring, a fountain that bestowed enhancements to abilities, or the detraction of abilities in the case of Alena and a set of stairs leading beneath the keep.

It did not take long after descending for the party to come across a locked door with loud snoring taking place behind it. Gorm knocked loudly and was informed to go elsewhere and pleasure himself by what sounded like gruff ogre voices on the other side. Gorm opted for the antagonistic approach to cause the ogres to open the door and attack, but not before shooting flames through the crack under the door. During the battle, the bard Kael found himself hit the sleep spell that Parsa had intended for the ogres who were not affected. Once down, Parsa accidentally witnessed Fosco Crumbuckle slit the throat of the annoying bard. The party was not certain how Kael had been killed and Parsa did not say anything at that time so they looted the bard’s corpse and moved on.

While exploring deeper into the depths they encountered a cavern that was the home of a few carrion crawlers who surprised the party and gave them bit of trouble. Once taking a different route through the keeps underbelly the moral imperative of Lothar was revealed to Alena. “Go forth, smite evil, taketh their stuff.”

After some additional exploring, the party found the forge where the ogre weaponry was being created. They slew the ogres and goblins working it and were joined by the dwarven blacksmith that had been enslaved to create masterwork weapons and armor for the ogres. His name was Gareth Ironhand and he was grateful for being freed from his slavery and wished only to leave as quickly as possibly. It wasn’t until Gareth had left and the party opened the door to the next room, finding a tied up and gagged Gareth that they realized they’d been tricked and Castamir had slipped right past them.

With Gareth alongside them wearing leather armor and a hammer he’d made for himself, the party came across four ogres led by a magic-user in black, who was not Castamir. They slew the ogres, but the mage got away through a secret door. Following him briefly resulted in the party becoming very spread out. Tired and in need of rest, the party headed back to Tarkhog with the plan to visit the adventurer’s guild and resupply before returning.

But before returning, Parsa spoke to the party about Fosco’s murdering of Kael and asked if this was something typical amongst the world he is a stranger too. Once revealed, the party expelled Fosco by asking him to leave. Zebak thanked Fosco for killing Kael and ending the charm Kael had placed upon him.

Their return to Tarkhog was not a time of rejoicing, but of horror. The vision, Alena and Parsa had previously had come true and the town had been sacked. The bulk of the townsfolk had been carted off by the ogre army. Speaking briefly with Sherrif Collillias, Gizban and Lt. Garfunkle the Brave the party pieced together what had happened. They located the tracks and direction that the ogre army took back to the Keep of Silveraeon and helped get all of the remaining townsfolk to the safety of Gizban’s cellar, which had been cleaned out of the magic items and artifacts he’d collected for years during the ogre attack. The party made the fair assumption that it was Gizban’s cellar that had been Castamir’s actual target during the attack.

The next day, those that could leveled up at the [[Adventurer’s Guild]]. By 7am the next morning they had slept, meditated and prepared to head back out. Tracking the ogre army back to their lair did not take a tracker. Their route took them towards the Keep of Silveraeon, but about a half-mile South of it to a cave opening. There were approximately thirty-five ogres camped in front of the cave mouth. Which were far too many for the group to take themselves. They decided to circle around and return to the keep and explore to further.

After eliminating the ogres camped within the keep walls themselves, the party retreated North well beyond any ogre camps to rest and recuperate. Brayne still had not returned from his scouting mission and the party feared for his safety.

Once rejuvenated, the party circled around to the Southern cave entrance to check on the status of the ogre army to find that they were still there and seemed to be feasting on villagers they’d kidnapped from Tarkhog. With haste they returned once again to the keep only to find three new ogres guarding it and inspecting the contents of their soup kettle.

After slaying the ogres, it was determined that Brayne had been captured and added to the soup pot. Parsa mourned the loss of his friend and protector, but the group had to press on into the recesses of the ruined keep.

Reaching what they believed to be the end of their explorations, they squared off against dark clad priest, many ogres and a few zombie ogres. On their way out, a trap door was sprung by some unknown mechanical device and they fell/slid 300 feet to a lower level beneath the keep. Battered and bruised, they rested in the cave they were deposited after dispatching three zombies.

Moving out of their hiding place, they began to explore this lower level and found a chasm with three paths across. As they advanced they noticed on the other side a number of zombies and a giant snail. Gorm, oblivious to any danger, got the attention of the zombies and the snail, only to discover the snail had the ability to use its snot as a projectile weapon. The resulting volleys were acid based and cost the party weapons and armor. Zebak charged and engaged the giant snail in melee. It did not take long for him to enter into a barbarian rage.

Thankfully eliminating the surprisingly difficult snail and zombies, the party continued on with their exploration. Eliminating a few more zombies along the way. They came upon a large cavern with a great and terrible beast in it. The beast turned out to be a young male red dragon named Malforix and he was chained to the wall and bound. The room itself was enchanted against all forms of fire, preventing the dragon from using his terrible breath weapon.

Once freed, the party healed him and followed him out to the cave exit where the ogre army was encamped. Between the dragon’s fiery breath weapon and the party, they all made short work of the ogres. Castamir fled and his henchmen that he abandoned were slain as well.

Malforix did not wait around for thanks and lumbered off into the forest.

The party rescued 24 villagers in all and returned to the dungeon beneath the keep with night falling with the hopes of resting safely. Once settled, the party split up and left Samson to guard the villagers while the rest explored the last remaining area to be explored. Seeing only stalactites and stalagmites in the room, they closed the door and turned to go when a rust monster came around the corner. No one had ever encountered such a beast before, so they hit it with their weapons only to see them disintegrate in their hands. At the same time the door to the room they’d just left opened and Zebak was engulfed in tentacles and drawn inside. His strength was being sapped by the roper he was ensnared by until it reached such a level that he could not even hold himself up. Other members of the party faced a similar situation, until they were finally able to slay the creature.

Returning to the villagers and Samson, the party found numerous dead rust monsters strewn about and a half naked Samson grief stricken over the loss of his weapons and armor.

Loading up the villagers after they’d recovered, the party began the trek back to Tarkhog with three wagons of goods. Along the way, Gorm gained the eternal friendship of a skunk he named Jeff, after his great grandfather. Horses from the South approached and it was Lt. Garfunkle the Brave with two other mounted Knights of the High Forest on patrol. They helped escort the party back to Tarkhog where they found work well commenced on the rebuilding and fortification of the town.

Gorm and Zebak went to the Adventurer’s Guild to level and Gorm had an altercation with the guild that resulted in him being forced to leave after webbing the place.

With the immediate threat ended, the group starts lending a hand with the rebuilding. Later that day a sylvan elf named Amarie and a small entourage rode past the party with haste to the sheriff’s office. The party investigated only to find that the fiery Lady Amarie was seeking their specific aid. While travelling to their ancient burial ground called the Serpent Mound to lay to rest her dear great uncle, Galathil they discovered it had been defiled and occupied by armored ogres, undead elves and a human wielding dark magics. The forest speaks to the sylvan elves and word had spread rather quickly that the party had defeated the ogre army at Silveraeon, defeated a giant demon in Mineville and driven off Castamir. They believe the human wielding dark magics to be Castamir, a man who has plagued their people for years and now has gone too far with the defilement of their holy ground. Lady Amarie informs them that she will travel back to her home, muster all the forces she can and will meet the party at the Serpent Mound to secure it once more. But they will be some time in arriving but the further defilement of sylvan elven ancestors must be prevented at all costs.

Lady Amarie and her small entourage depart and the party begins preparations to depart for the Serpent Mound.

The story continues in Session #17.


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