AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Session #17

a.k.a. Gorm get's caught alone and a new lead to Castamir is given.

Party: Alena, Gorm, Samson, Parsa, Zebak de-Sumarr, Vash Argith
NPCs: Petrie the Gnome, Stupid Bird, Mayor Gorel, Sheriff Colilias, Gareth Ironhand, Nithithil, Gwevaille

Game date: 2nd day of Wealsun in the year 576

With the party preparing to depart for the Serpent Mound the following day, some of the party decides to rest, equip and meditate while the other members assist with the town rebuilding.

After a few hours and just before sunset, two individuals are introduced. The elven fighter/magic-user Nithithil of the Northern sylvan elves and Vash Argith, a drow priest to Lothar. Nithithil was sent by Amarie to guide the party to the Serpent Mound in the most expedient manner and Vash sought out the party after Lothar instructed him too. Vash had information about the individual party that he could only have through some sort of divination or divine knowledge and the party was convinced that he was not there to slit their throats in their sleep.

The party bedded down for the night at the Dashing Dryad Inn, with the exception of Gorm, who continued to meditate outside of town, in the middle of a field underneath a great old tree he’d been communing with.

Around 2am, Gorm was roused from his sleep by a low guttural growl, and a fair amount of snarling coming not too far behind him. Taking action, he leapt into action and saw a wolf-thing weighing easily 500 lbs, without fur and demonic horns jutting out of it’s head.

As the wolf-beast tore into Gorm and pinned him down, Gorm’s womanly screams roused the nearby sentries of Tarkhog who came running. The beast misstepped and lost his hold on Gorm, so Gorm wasted no time in running towards the town. Yelling to the sentries to run away. One did not make it, but it did afford Gorm the chance to live. For some strange reason, Gorm turned and began swinging a Flame Blade at the wolf-thing only to take additional damage that nearly killed him. Fortunately for Gorm, the poison from the wolf-thing’s maw caused paralysis and the wolf-thing moved on to another target.

During the altercation, the wolf-thing roared a deafening roar that split the ear drums of all those present and awoke the rest of the town. By now Zebak and Samson had arrived on the scene, Zebak charged the wolf-thing and just as he was about the strike, the wolf-thing disappeared and reappeared a few yards away. After a brief battle, Parsa showed up and Magic Missled the beast to death much to the disappointment of Zebak.

The party decided to get Gizban to see if he knew anything about the creature. Unfortunately, during the inspection of the beast, Gizban nicked his finger on one of the razor sharp teeth and was accidentally poisoned/paralyzed. The party had to seek out Gwevaille, the elder priestess of Elonah in Tarkhog to hopefully cure both Gorm and Gizban. After a brief inspection, she determined that only Keoghtom’s Ointment would remove the poison and they would likely find some in Gizban’s house.

After eight hours of searching, Parsa found the ointment and returned to cure Gorm and Parsa.

By 2pm on the 3rd day of Wealsun, the party departed for the Serpent Mound while guided by Nithithil. Their journey was uneventful for many hours along the unpatrolled road North of Tarkhog and around 7pm, they decided to set up a camp for the night. A glade not too far off the road would have made an excellent place to camp for the night were it not for the dead adventurer they found riddled with goblin arrows. They looted and buried the body and gained magic armor, a magic longsword named Hell Beater, magic boots and a magic helm.

The party set off again around 6am with the sunrise and around 7am found a campsite with a smouldering campfire. There were about six to seven individuals at the camp, and their tracks led in the same direction the party was headed.

Hours of uneventful travel later, Nithithil led the party from the road and began following a path leading Southeast towards the Serpent Mound. Minutes later a shadow fell across the party briefly as a giant goat-lizard-kitty flew towards the direction they were heading.

Once the party reached the Serpent Mound, Gorm shimmied up a great oak to use his spyglass and scout the area.

The story continues in Session #18.


Thargus Thargus

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