AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Session #18

Our heroes are on route to the Elvin Burial Mound called the Serpent Mound. There was little action

in this episode, but was filled with role playing and Gorm getting into trouble. During the trek to the

mound, a winged creature was seen flying over head but there was no interaction.

Once the mound was reached and Gorm was allowed to wander off, the action started. The mound

was scouted and it was found that there was a single path leading to the top of the mound where there

seemed to be a few structures. A winged flying creature was seen in the sky once more; however this

time there were two of these creatures. Gorm attempted to scout the wall alone and was spotted by a

flying creature. He was able to avoid conflict and did not drag the creature back to the camp.

The party did notice that a patrol left the mound and they decided to attempt an ambush! During the

adventure, Gorm had befriended a skunk. He thought it would be a good idea to send it out to spray the

patrol. OOPS! Ogres will eat anything. They all pulled large steal balls out and one hurdle the sphere

at the skunk. SPLAT The skunk was no more than a smear on the ground. Gorm, who just witnessed

his friend being killed, lost control and charged the ogres. And thus the battle began and was quickly

joined by one of the flying creatures. This creature had the body of a lion with wings and three heads.

All enemies were dispatched quickly and the party returned to the woods to hide and plan a new assault

on the mound.


Thargus chaddbrewer

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