AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Session #19

Episode 19

We find our heros regrouping in the forest. The Minotaur proposes a plan to draw out a few ogres into the woods and ambush them using simple traps to slow and hinder them. The party sets several trip lines and prepares to set their plan into motion the following morning. Well during the night a roving band of ogres came close to the camp and a battle was had. Most of the fighting involved Gorm and Parsa casting entangle, web and some sort of fire spells. Sampson fired a few arrows at the ogres before he decided it would be advantageous to climb the back of the minotaur. Sampson found himself flying through the air coming back to the ground about 30 feet from the camp. Again the party made quick work of the ogres, but not before one managed to loose a mighty bellow.

With the horde coming down the mound, Zyback lead the party safely around the mound to the opposite side close to the path up it. About 16 ogres were seen at the forests edge where the party had been and was now ablaze with fire. Zyback seized the opportunity to lead the party up the mound. The charged across the clearing and began up the path. All members began to glow, but they did not stop. Upon reaching the sumit, a guard lookout tower was discovered with an ogre still in it. He called down for the group to stop, but Zyback continued to move and took out two of the four legs holding the tower up. It came crashing down, ogre and all. The party tried to move past the wreckage, but the ever sure footed Parsa managed to slip and fall onto the ogre that had just been brought down.

The entrance to the Serpent Mound was the mouth of a giant serpent. The party continued to run and came to rest just inside the mouth. Before anything could be done, another ogre and another three headed winged thingy came out of a tent. The ogre called for the party to halt. At the same time a blinding flash of light and heat erupted in the middle of the party. Zyback noticed a wizard casting from behind another building. Rage welled up in him and he charged. His charge was met by a streak of lightning, but he would not be stopped. The party on the other hand was badly injured by the fireball and lightning bolt that just hit them. Zyback did not stop, he tore through the mage like he was there. A mighty and very frightening roar exploded out of Zyback. He turned and trashed the mage, rendering him and spot on the ground. Meanwhile the party is set upon by two ogres and a chimera. The creature breathed fire on the group just before the lightning bolt from the mage fried the creature. The breath of fire was the final blow that brought Parsa to the ground. Was he dead, almost….Almost. The party managed to kill off one ogre before Zyback came charging back. All enemies were dead yet there was something wrong with Zyback. His face was contorted into the pure image of anger and rage. Spittle dripped from his gaping maw. Gorm had decided to cast a glitter dust spell on the ogre that Zyback came to kill. The spell left Zyback blinded as well. Zyback knew there were more ogres to be slain and swung out with his axe. A solid hit brought Sampson to his knees while Gorm cast a web spell on the minotaur. Zyback raised his axe to deliver a killing blow to the enemy spell caster (Gorm) when he simply stopped. His face snapped to one of pure exhaustion. Weakness had set in on the mighty warrior.

The party is left at the mouth of the Serpent Mound. Most are very badly injured while the others are near death. 16 ogres are charging back to the mound. The group is left with very little options. What will they do……


Thargus chaddbrewer

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