AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Session #20

Inside the Serpent Mound, Part 1

Party: Alena, Gorm, Samson, Parsa, Zebak de-Sumarr, Vash Argith
NPCs: Petrie the Gnome, Stupid Bird, Nithithil

Game date: 3rd – 4th days of Wealsun in the year 576

3rd day of Wealsun

With the party exhausted, depleted and desperate, Zebak had no choice but to collapse the tunnel entrance to the Serpent Mound. While he began smashing one of two support pillars, Samson followed his lead and began pounding on the other. Zebak took his out first and laid the final blow on the pillar Samson had been working on, bringing the tunnel opening down. Zebak and Samson barely escaped the falling ceiling unscathed. Having bought some time, the party moved down into the tunnel a ways and stopped to rest for a few hours.

4th day of Wealsun

The tunnel spiraled down following the same arc as it did the way up on the outside. Inside the tunnel walls were lined with burial insets, hundreds of them stacked two high along both sides of the walls. With consideration to the longevity of the elves, this mound accounts for more than just one millennia of sylvan elven ancestry. This close to the entrance however, the insets were empty as the elves started from the bottom and worked their way up with burying their revered family members.

Once rested and restored, the party began down the Serpent Mound tunnel witnessing first hand the desecration the ogres wrought upon the ancient sylvan elf burial ground. Remains strewn about and dismantled to exhume the treasures they possessed. Nithithil, seriously distraught and upset, began furiously picking up the remains. Piecing them back together and placing them back into their burial insets. Gorm antagonized Nithithil over his emotional state around the desecration and after a warning continued only to be on the receiving end of a devastating lightning bolt for his insults and disrespect for the sylvan elven dead. The altercation was ended by Parsa’s intervention and shaming of Nithithil for his actions against Gorm, at which point the party left Nithithil to grieve.

Parsa took it upon himself to lead the party down the tunnel. At the very bottom of the rounding serpent tunnel, the party caught sight of an opening. Moving forward, Parsa tripped a trap and was crushed by a two ton square block of stone. Finding the trap release switch, the group discovers Parsa somehow still alive.

With the tunnel cleared, the party avoided setting off the crushing trap again and entered the Serpent Mound’s cathedral cautiously and discovered four ogres, two dark mages, three dark clerics, two heavily armed and armored fighters and a giant toad that was at least twelve feet tall. Stealthily entering the cathedral and taking positions behind giant pillars on either side of the great hall for as assault. The battle started prematurely and the party was forced to charge, startling the bulk of the enemy’s forces. The giant toad jumped into one of the underground rivers and was not seen again, one of the dark mages, two of the dark clerics and the fighters fled to the back of the cathedral and were obscured. The two closest ogres advanced and engaged the closest members of the party while the dark mage threw a fireball that damaged several members of the party and slew Parsa who had not healed after the giant stone block trap had nearly killed him earlier.

The adventurer’s suffered heavy casualties and were facing defeat, when Nithithil showed up fireballing and lightning bolting the enemy, turning the tide of the battle and saving the group. In the aftermath of the battle, the stunned party was even more surprised when Nithithil used a resurrection scroll to resurrect the fallen Parsa, whom he deeply revered a one of the grey elf elder race.


Thargus Thargus

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