AD&D Greyhawk Homebrew

Session #21

Inside the Serpent Mount, Part 2

Party: Alena, Gorm, Samson, Parsa, Zebak de-Sumarr, Vash Argith, Earl, Jayda
NPCs: Petrie the Gnome, Stupid Bird, Nithithil, Percy the Sage

Game date: 4th day of Wealsun in the year 576 (Oct 18, 2013)

4th day of Wealsun

With the carnage in the Serpent Mound’s cathedral fresh, the party searches the great hall and inspects everything they can find. Discovering the secret door that the other enemy forces fled through ([[Session #20 | see Session #20]]) when they first arrived in the hall, the group blocks the door and hunkers down to rest and recover spell points. Other items of note in the great hall, were a great throne of evil, covered in skulls and terrible entities that was clearly not part of the elven burial ground and an alchemy workshop table next to it. The party deduced that the enemy had not yet completed the evil artifact and was unable to determine it’s purpose even after Zebak dumped a dead ogre body on it.

Once fully rested, the party opened the secret door in the back of the hall, passed through it and began exploring the tunnel and circular room beyond. The circular room had eight stone doorways blocked by solid stone slabs that were too heavy to be lifted or moved out of the way. Once they found the latch for one slab, it was relatively easy to inspect the area behind each. The first door revealed three people. A human male ranger named Earl, a human female magic-user named Jayda and an elderly human male sage named Percy.

The three people had been trapped in the vault by the enemy a few days earlier. Earl had been carving arrows out of the bones of the dead in the vault they’d been trapped in with only a handful of rations between the three of them. Earl and Zebak became fast friends and Zebak assumed Jayda was Earl’s mate. Percy was very quiet and nerve racked and said nothing. Little time was afforded the two groups to become acquainted before Gorm opened the next tomb only to reveal a powerful mummy. The mummy’s aura caused a portion of the group to flee in terror into the cathedral. The party defeated the powerful undead creature with some effort and continued to explore the rest of the tombs in the circular room. Some were empty, but the next two revealed a beautiful elven vampire in each that looked identical. Both escaped, but one was able to drain Zebak of two levels before the party realized they were facing a vampire. The last tomb they opened did not have a sarcophagus. Only a large ceramic jar. Gorm lifted the lid off with his ten foot spear and smoke began filling the vault and the circular room. The party was about to leave as a precaution and the smoke coalesced into a ten foot tall efreet who asked, “Who has freed me?”, to which Zebak took responsibility fearing for the safety of the rest of the party. The efreet asked, “What is it you wish master?” Zebak answered, “Transport all of my friends back to Tarkhog.” Which resulted in all the party and the new members being transported back to Tarkhog with the exception of Percy the Sage, who Zebak did not consider a friend.


Thargus Thargus

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