Cruroar Ogrescrush

Dwarf Fighter


Cruroar Ogrescrush stands at an astounding 4ft. tall.
He weighs approximately 180lbs (without any gear on).
He has Long grey hair, and a long grey beard that is braided with leather intwined.
His eyes are grey as well and has a scar on his left forearm from a mining accident when he was younger.


My name is Cruroar Ogrescrush. I was born in the highest mountains in Flanaess, Lortmil Mountains. I am currently 62 years old. My Father and Mother were important people in the Dwarf community inside the mountain. My father was a miner and my mother a Armorer. My father was very brash when I was growing up. Not much for nurturing his children. My mother was a little more affectionate when I was growing up but still not too overbearing. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters who work the mines with my father and armor shop with my mother. I was always the one who wanted to leave the mountain in search of “something” more. I have been roaming the hillsides in search of “something” more to life. I stand at an astounding 4 ft. tall and weigh 180 lbs. I have grey hair and light grey eyes. I wear cloth for under my vest and Plate Armor. I don’t have any tattoos but I do have a scar across my left forearm from when I was a younger in the mine. I got my arm caught between a mine cart and a boulder when I was learning how to run the mine cart.

As some of us Dwarves are just not cut out for living on the mountains for our whole lives we were sent out on a quest to rid the plains of some Ogres. Upon Leaving Home in the Lortmil Mountains the twelve of us traveled North toward Devamish, a close town where we thought to get some intel about where we might find the Ogres hideout. We unfortunately did not learn much in our short time camped there. We continued up the river and then headed through Veluna, stopping in Veluna City. We heard this would be a great place to find more information about the whereabouts of these terrible Ogres. Finally, We could get some information on where these Ogres live and I could make a name for myself. As we approached the city we noticed a line of other Adventurers (judging by what they were wearing) being hassled at the gates of the city. We decided maybe this wasn’t the best place to stop. I took a moment and asked a few of the Adventurers in line what other cities could be a good place to get the information that we were seeking and the majority said to take up a position as a paid escort in Highfolk. I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of that so we decided to head that way anyways. The emptiness inside seemed to disappear the more I travelled. Meeting different people seemed to fill the void left by my Dwarven family and clan. We travelled around the southern tip of Yatil Mountains camping close to the mountains as often as possible. We finally reached our next arrival point, Highfolk.

Cruroar Ogrescrush

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