Dunnar Ograddugan

Dwarf Fighter Priest of Clangeddin Silverbeard


A typically stout dwarf of 4 feet 5 inches and approximately 175 pounds with a full & well groomed dark brown beard with prominent silver streaks travelling through it.

Typical garb being proper dwarven plate armor with a pair of battle axes at his side, though occasionally he might be seen in modest non-armored dwarven clothing if absolutely necessary.


Personality: Pragmatic Glory Seeker – Wants to be eventually remembered as one of the great dwarven heroes of Clangeddin and uphold the good & ordered society of the Dwarves, but recognizes that to defend their way of life war sometimes calls for actions that do not fully fall in the realm of good.

Background: Clan dwarf raised worshiping Clangeddin and going through a normal dwarven childhood. Started his apprenticeship as an Armor smith at 25 but also showed great skill in arms & his connection to Clangeddin which led to his selection to also join the ranks of the Alaghor (Specialty Priests of Clangeddin) and additional training during his apprenticeship.

Dunnar Ograddugan

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