Edward Hawklight

Human Wizard


As a young child, Edward’s life was fairly typical of most commoners living within the walls of Highfolk. He showed a keen interest and talent in magical pursuits, and the combination of talent, curiosity, and effort drove him into the arts of invocation and evocation in his upper level school studies.
His efforts were noticed by the mages guild, and he was officially inducted into their ranks as a professor of the arts teaching novice members the basics.

During his tenure at the guild, more and more of Edwards studies revealed that the ancient Flan seemed to hold the secrets to true knowledge and power. These studies have culminated in his commissioning an expedition on behalf of the guild to seek out Flan artifacts and information in the area of the town of Tarkhog.
The area surrounding Tarkhog is vaguely mentioned in an ancient manuscript contained within the guild library, and seems as likely a starting point as any in the pursuit of ever further study and research.

Edward Hawklight

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