Fraz-Urb'luu is a demon lord sometimes known as the "Prince of Deception."


Fraz-Urb’luu is a large beast over eighteen feet in height, despite his hunched posture. His muscular gorilla-like body is covered with short coarse hair of pale blue. His feet are broad and splayed, and his hands are large but the fingers relatively stubby and tipped with long, jagged talons. Two vast batlike wings protrude from his back. His tail is long and hairless with a gray base fading to a razor sharp base. His head is bald and gray-skinned, save for tufts of ragged hair hanging from his jowls. Large ragged ears protrude from the center of his skull to well above its pointed ridged peak. His eyes are relatively small but burn with cold blue light. Yet the most terrible aspect of his visage is his mouth which is overly large and filled with huge fangs.



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