Nithithil is a sylvan elf of the Vesve Forrest - Dead


Nithithil, or Nith as his friends call him was sent by Amarie to guide the party to the Serpent Mound.

Nithithil was in actuality a very old Bronze Dragon that had polymorphed into a Sylvan elf a few centuries previously and had a life debt to the monarchy of the Sylvan Elves of the Vesve Forest.

He was slain while trying to prevent the Green Dragon, Aldelz from entering the Serpent Mound. The party mistook Nithithil for the aggressor and evil being and did not prevent Aldelz from slaying Nithithil. Once slain, the party butchered Nithithil’s dragon corpse to make scale mail armor and other magical item needs.



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