Nyx Silvergrim


Class: Adventurer
STR: 15 INT: 13 WIS: 14 DEX: 17 CON: 17 CHA: 18 COM: 12 PER: 62 WILL: 12
Armor class: -1
Hitpoints: 60
Weapons: Dagger of speed; Sling; Staff


Young half-elf born in a small town near the Vesve forest. Orphaned as a child due to misfortune, the identity of the unknown elven father was a secret the mother took to her grave. Despite somber beginnings, Nyx remains cheerful (albiet quiet) and is always looking for a spot of fun, interesting items and curios, or just a good tale to pass the time at the local pub. Made a living by peddling medicines made from herbs and using skills picked up from the streets, Nyx is a now member of good standing in the Thieves guild centered in Wayburg. Despite Nyx’s comfortable way of living, he is growing restless and just a bit antsy for his own taste of adventure.

Loves sitting up in high places.
Really dislikes drug addicts/uncontrolled alcoholics.

Nyx Silvergrim

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