Grarhor's Longsword of Giant Slaying

Grarhor's Longsword of Giant Slaying +3

weapon (melee)

The magical blade is heavily laden with dwarven runes and is immediately recognized by giant-kin as baneful within a 100 yard radius even out of sight. The wielder becomes the bane of giant-kin even if is not aware of it and will be sought out by giant-kin within range. The wielder glows brightly and is easy to find.

The blade typically carries a +3 enchantment and against giant-kin it inflicts terrible wounds that are difficult to heal. The opponent will need to heal double the damage inflicted by the sword and should the wielder slay a giant-kin with the sword (deliver the death blow) the sword will take the giant-kin’s spirit into it adding to it’s power. Each newly acquired power is determined by the DM and the sword “resets” itself with each new wielder. Even if someone else other than the current owner uses it for a single strike, the sword will be reset.


Grarhor Thundergranit was a dwarven blacksmith with a terrible hatred of giants and their kin. He died wielding this sword against a horde of trolls, the new powers it accumulated overwhelmed him and he was unable to keep up with their usage in the pitched battle.

Grarhor's Longsword of Giant Slaying

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