Jotunbani (Giant Slayer in ancient dwarf)

weapon (melee)

This Dwarf-forged mithril battle axe has a double-bladed head atop a maple wood shaft.

In the hands of a non-Dwarf, this axe only functions as a +1 weapon. When wielded by a Dwarf, it gets its full +3 bonus to hit and damage.

Against giants and giant-kin the battle axe is 4 to hit/4 to damage and scores double damage on a critical hit (18-20). The battle axe glows faintly (1’ radius) with a pale blue light when giants or giant-kin are nearby.


Cruroar Ogrecrush’s great-great grandfather, Thoster Ogrescrush had a touch for the need of the same “something” he did and discovered this weapon during his adventures as a much younger dwarf over four-hundred years ago. It has been in the Ogrecrush clan ever since even though no one else save him in that clan had felt the same need for “something” out of life that they did not gain from the old mountain home.

Thoster Ogrescrush is to this day a legend in the Crystalmist Mountains as the greatest ogre and giant slayer of all time. Thanks to him and Jotunbani, the ogres and giants have not been a problem for the dwarves for the past four-hundred years. Thoster’s legend says nothing of his magical axe, only that he was an unstoppable force and single-handedly slew legions of giants who had plagued the dwarves for as long as anyone could remember previously.

Beneath the Keep of Silveraeon, Jotunbani was destroyed by the acid of a giant acid spitting snail and dissolved. The loss of the family heirloom was a tremendous blow to Cruroar’s honor and a devastating blow to him on an emotional level. The loss of such a family heirloom crushed him. A few months later as his essence communed with his ancient ancestor while his physical self was still in the adventuring booth, the original Ogrecrush himself, Cruroar was given Jotunbani anew. Not a scratch on it and without the leather wrappings of the shaft as if it was newly forged. Once Cruroar was returned to his physical body, he found Jotunbani’s familiar weight in his hand.


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