Nafshan's Plate Mail +1

Nafshan's Plate Mail +1 (+4 vs Giant-kin)


This is a magical set of armor that will shrink or grow to fit the user from dwarven size to half-ogre. It is made from an unusual metal and inlaid with dwarven runes.

The armor offers +4 protection vs giant-kin and reduces any damage from giant-kin by half should a blow be struck against the wearer.

Three times per day is can produce the equivalent of a shocking grasp spell against anyone touching or attacking the wearer. (3d6 damage) If the attacker hits with a metal object, then anyone attacking the attacker the next round gains a +3 to their attack roll.


Nafshan was a fighter/magic-user dwarven blacksmith from the Iron Hills about 500 years ago. His workmanship is legendary and most dwarves will recognize his style of craftsmanship on sight as many of his techniques are still maintained as dwarven standards. Even non-dwarves recognize it’s superior craftsmanship and admire it.

Nafshan's Plate Mail +1

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