Zscha, Holy Morningstar of Lothar

Zscha, Holy Morningstar of Lothar

weapon (melee)

Zscha is a +3 holy morningstar of Lothar

  • +4 vs undead or demons
  • Undead & demons suffer 1d6 fire damage per strike or touch
  • Inflicts double damage to undead and demons on a critical hit of 18-20
  • Light spell from the spiked ball on command
  • Offers no magical abilities, bonus to hit or damage to anyone save a priest of Lothar
  • Automatically produces a Light spell off of the spiked ball when undead or demons are within 60’

All of Lothar‘s clerics posses a named holy morningstar. Each has a unique ability and affinity and each is used as the focal point of the cleric’s holy power. Spellcasting, healing and battle all happen with the priest’s holy morningstar. Some have personalities that develop over time. Newly forged morningstar’s personalities are subdued and non-communicative, but they are learning just the same and will eventually begin speaking with the owner. As the morningstar’s personality becomes evident and vocal, they do not take kindly to a new owner immediately and in many cases ignore them verbally and simply channel the power of faith through them as needed until they are comfortable with their new handler.

The morningstars are forged and imbued with holy power in the free city of Greyhawk under the supervision of Modiantius, the spiritual leader of the faith. They are always polished silver steel and gleam in virtually any light source, even torchlight.

Zscha has not yet manifested or revealed it’s personality to it’s current wielder, Alistan.

Zscha, Holy Morningstar of Lothar

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