Character Creation

Beginning character level:
1st. Beginning at 1st level creates greater care, understanding and appreciation for every tiny thing your character gains, accumulates and learns. Nothing creates fondness better than having 12 hit points total, being surrounded by four goblins and having only one attack per turn verses their four.

Any single class character to begin with from 1st or 2nd edition rules(including odd classes from Dragon magazine) except the Paladin or Anti-Paladin (these are NPC only classes in this campaign).

Remember to play something that you want to play, and not something that the party “needs”. This is huge, and makes for a better game all around if you play a class that resonates with who you most relate to in an imaginary setting.

Humans, Elves, Half-elves, Halflings & Dwarves. Gnomes have a bad situation in my games. They are slaves, lower class and pretty much stomped on by all the other races and are an NPC only race. Any other races to be considered for a PC are subject to discussion.

Spell casters:
I use a spell point rule system that works very well (akin to having a mana pool). The amount of spell points is based on level + Intelligence bonus for Magic-Users or Wisdom for Clerics.

So you will have a number of spells at your disposal and will utilize spell points to cast them. 1 spell point for a level one spell, 2 spell points for a level 2 spell, and so on.

No components for lower level spells, but the higher the spell level (after 6th) the higher the possibility for spell components and extensive rituals to simulate the rareness and special needs that the powerful magic needs to be unleashed.

Ability score rolling:
We’ll be using the 4d6 discard the lowest die method + 1 additional role. After all scores are rolled then they are arranged to your liking in whatever ability you choose and discarding the lowest score altogether. My view is that the player characters are exceptional individuals.

Hit Points:
You are exceptional beings. The cream of the crop. You begin with the hit point maximum, and gain an additional 1d4 hit points per level on top of your normal hit point accumulation per level.

Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good may be extremes, but that does not make them stupid. A lawful good or chaotic evil PC or NPC may be an extremist, but they are still typically self aware and favor self preservation.

Your characters will be called upon to make decisions and do things that are not only a test of your character’s psychological hardiness… but yours as well. This campaign is considered a no holds barred campaign where the harshness that life offers in terms of what monsters, humans, elves and dwarves are capable of can and will echo the horrors of real life and the worst horrors imagination has to offer. There will be fun times and there will be absolute horror in the game. Evil is intelligent, comes in many packages and is not
always something that sticks out like a sore thumb.

You are intended to be a party with good or neutral tendencies according to the concept of Dungeons & Dragons. Your own alignments are up to you, but the overall campaign is bent on being generally good or having neutral tendencies. So if you intend to walk the path of “evil”, you’ll need to be crafty, smart and quick witted to pull it off if you adventure with good natured characters.

Character Creation

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