Lothar, Lord of Light!

Lothar is the god of light, the sun and lawful good and replaces Pholtus in the Greyhawk deity pantheon.

Lothar is the god of all forms of light: Sunlight, moonlight, firelight, etc. The god is a friend of life, a patron of magic, a proponent of logical thought and an enemy of the undead. The priesthood of the god is devoted to celebrating these aspects of the god and to promoting positive forces such as healing.

The deity is male.

The priests of this god are on good terms with the priests of Arts, Crafts, Dawn, Elemental Forces, Fire, Healing, Hunting, Literature/Poetry, Magic, Metalwork, Moon, Music/Dance, Oracles/Prophecy and Sun.

Alignment: The deity is Lawful Good. His priests may be of Neutral Good or Lawful Good alignment. The flock may be of any neutral or good alignment.

Minimum Ability Scores: Wisdom 12, Intelligence 12. Wisdom or Intelligence of 16 means +5% XP; Wisdom and Intelligence 16 bestows +10% XP.

Nonweapon and Weapon Proficiencies: Nonweapon proficiencies required: Direction Sense. Nonweapon proficiencies recommended: Healing, Navigation, Reading/Writing, Religion, Spellcraft. Weapon proficiencies required: none. Nonweapon proficiency group crossovers: Priest, General, Wizard.

Duties of the priest: Guidance, Marriage. Vigilance against dark, evil forces such as undead and demons.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Weapons Required: Morning Star. Weapons Permitted: Bows (all), crossbow, dagger/dirk, dart, javelin, knife, sling, spear. Armor Permitted: All non-metal armor. All together these constitute Medium combat abilities.

Holy Symbol: Morning Star Weapon

Raiment: White robes or white tunic over armor with rising sun symbol on the chest.

Common Blessing: “Light be with you”

Spheres: Major access to All, Healing, Sun, Creation, Weather, Protection, Combat. Minor access to Creation.

Additional available spells from the Sun sphere:

  • Level 1 Cleric spell Sunscorch (pg 624 packet)
  • Level 3 Cleric spell Sunblade (pg 622 packet)
  • Level 3 Cleric spell Sunrise (pg 623 packet)

Special Abilities


  • Extra Turning +1 level higher
  • Infravision 60’ (elves or half-elves gain 120’)

At 3rd level: Laying on Hands 1/day – 2hp/cleric level (as the Paladin ability)

At 4th level: Dispel Darkness 1/day

Followers and Strongholds: The followers are received at 9th level and consist of one fith-level priest, three third level priests, and six first level priests fo the same order, plus one third level mage and two first level mages to act as consultants and one third level fighter and two first level fighters to act as guards. The priest may take the following on adventures: Three priests (only two of whom can be third-level), one mage and one fighter of his choice. The priesthood will pay for half the cost of stronghold construction at 9th level.

Lothar’s Champions

Only the greatest and most favored of Lothar’s Clerics are chosen to be his champions.

  • Level 4 Cleric spell available Sunburst (page 17 Greyhawk Adventures)
  • Strength +1 (not above racial max)
  • Dexterity +1 (not above racial max)
  • Constitution +1 (not above racial max)
  • +2 to hit evil, +1 to damage against evil with any weapon or bare hands
  • Any creatures to which sunlight is harmful or unnatural take double damage
  • Immolate 1/day: Any evil or creature which sunlight is harmful takes 2d6 damage should they touch you. This is an aura of magical light that surrounds you and lasts for 1 round per level.


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