Based on the published World of Greyhawk timeline found here.


Evil forces construct a small chapel outside the village of Nulb, in the Viscounty of Verbobonc?. The chapel grows to become the Temple of Elemental Evil?.


Philidor’s envoy, Thargus recruits a small group young of adventurers to collect a set of ancient lost artifacts that Philidor sees to be crucial in a great war of good verses evil which he has seen via scrying and divination.

567 – 570

Game sessions 1-33 from the previous campaign.

Keoish coastal town of Saltmarsh threatened by sahuagin. (See events of U1-U3)
Iuz is inadvertently freed from imprisonment below Castle Greyhawk by Robilar and Riggby.


  • Tauralathan conquers the the Northern barbarian hordes and builds a great army.
  • Lord Mordan’s forces emerge from the Valley of the Mage to consume the Grand Duchy of Geoff, the Kingdom of Keoland, the Ulek lands and begins moving up the Wild Coast.


  • Lord Argot begins the great war of the East from his seat of power in the Great Kingdom, which involves nearly every realm in the East to the Urnst regions.


  • Tauralathan permanently slays Iuz, consumes his power and achieves demi-god status and takes control of Iuz’s empire.

Scarlet Brotherhood first reported on the Tilvanot Peninsula. (Guide 9, Player’s Guide to Greyhawk 10)



Temple to Lothar built in Greyhawk City by Modiantius, marking the official return of the god Lothar, Lord of Light to Oerth.


Current campaign begins in the aftermath of the events that occurred due to the actions of the previous campaign.

  • Sessions 1-8 The Mines of Mineville were cleansed of the great demonic evil that was bringing back loved ones from the dead and thwarted the ritual that would have released a great evil upon the land. The residents of Mineville were escorted to Tarkhog for relocation since their lands are no longer safe.


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