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Session #10 or "How many ogres does it take to wipe out a small town?"

How many ogres does it take to wipe out a small town?

Party: Alena, Gorm, Samson, Parsa, Zebak
NPCs: Brayne, Fosco, Kael, Petrie, Sir Aldred, Stupid Bird

At the end of session 9, the party had ventured away from the small town of Tarkhog to investigate the scene of an ogre attack on a farm not far to the Northeast and was poised to attack the Keep of Silveraeon where numerous ogres were reported to be gathering.

Brayne scouted the area and returned with information on three groups of ogres in and about the keep. Two campgrounds with four ogres each and approximately four ogres inside the keep walls themselves. The keep had long been abandoned and the gates had since rotted away.

Before they could venture forth, a Knight of the High Forest named Sir Aldred stumbled upon them after escaping from one of the ogre encampments. He’d no sooner told his brief tale when an ogre pursuing him crashed onto the scene. Dispatching him quickly with a combination of entangle, wall of fog and sleep spells, the party felt confident they could take down the other three who must still be at the first encampment.

Employing the same tactics they used against the single ogre, the party kept the ogres busy with their spells while Zebak and Samson took point and entered melee with the ogres as they emerged from the entangled area. There were three people tied to posts in the ground that were sent back to Tarkhog with Sir Aldred accompanying them with the intention of warning the town of the nearby threat should the party fail.

Feeling incredibly confident, the party snuck close to the keep to peer over the walls to see three ogres and three more people tied to posts near a large soup pot on a cooking fire. While making their plans for attack however, they were discovered by the forth ogre while he was making his rounds around the outside of the keep. The scout of course bellowed and alerted anyone in the area to the situation.

What ensued was a quick effort to take down the scout before the his reinforcements arrived. Gorm was hefted to the top of the keep walls so he could alert the party as to the enemy’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Gorm fell off the wall inside the keep at the same time the three ogres from inside the keep rounded the corner and advanced on the party. What followed was a high pitched and frantic battle where sleep spells saved the day. Even after the four additional ogres from the nearby encampment showed up, the sleep spells and constant melee by Zebak, Samson and Brayne won the day outside the walls of the keep.

Gorm managed to evade one of the ogres inside the keep through the use of his entangle spell coupled with running around in circles to keep the ogre in the center most of the time.

Some noted observations:

  • The ogres were armored wearing chainmail and partial plate.
  • The leader of the ogres spoke common.
  • The ogre weapons were forged.
  • The ogres were organized.

The story continues in Session 11-16 recap.


We really do need the Benny Hill theme song for the chase scenes.

Thargus Thargus

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