• Aldelz


    Ancient Green Dragon first encountered at the Serpent Mound
  • Alena


    Priestess of Lothar
  • Alistan Lightbringer

    Alistan Lightbringer

    Priest of Lothar
  • Amarie


    Lady Amarie is a sylvan elf of the Vesve Forrest
  • Brayne


    Human woodsman from Flameflower - Dead
  • Caleb the Cleric of Heironeous

    Caleb the Cleric of Heironeous

    Human male, cleric of Heironeous was a member of Earl and Jayda's original party - dead
  • Castamir


    Henchman of Tauralathan
  • Cruroar Ogrescrush

    Cruroar Ogrescrush

    Dwarf Fighter
  • Dante the Apothecary

    Dante the Apothecary

    Tarkhog's Apothecary
  • Demogorgon


    Prince of demons
  • Dunnar Ograddugan

    Dunnar Ograddugan

    Dwarf Fighter Priest of Clangeddin Silverbeard
  • Earl the Ranger

    Earl the Ranger

    Human Ranger
  • Edward Hawklight

    Edward Hawklight

    Human Wizard
  • Flomodin


    Elder priest of Lothar in Highfolk
  • Fosco Crumbuckle

    Fosco Crumbuckle

    Halfing thief from the Southern Flanaess
  • Fraz-Urb'luu


    Fraz-Urb'luu is a demon lord sometimes known as the "Prince of Deception."
  • Gareth Ironhand

    Gareth Ironhand

    Gareth Ironhand is a dwarven master blacksmith
  • Gazanfer


    Archer-Ranger from the original campaign played by Eric Hayden (praxis)
  • Gibraal


    Giant demon that the villagers of Mineville discovered deep in the mines.
  • Gizban


    Gizban the Arch-Mage and sole proprietor of Gizban's Galabratorium in Tarkhog
  • Gorm


    A loin cloth, poncho, and a smile. Travels with a stupid bird.
  • Gwevaille


    Gwevaille is the elder priestess of Elonah in Tarkhog
  • Hand of Incabulous

    Hand of Incabulous

    Hands of Incabulous are physical aspects of the evil god
  • Hegrein


    Spiritual leader of Mineville
  • Hezrou Demon

    Hezrou Demon

    Toad demons infesting the swamp in the Vesve Forest
  • Immag Ironbeard

    Immag Ironbeard

    NPC Dwarven military commander from the Iron Hills
  • Incabulous


    Incabulous is the god of death, decay and evil
  • Iuz


    Demi-god who physically walked the Flanaess prior to being slain by Tauralathan
  • Jayda the Magic-User

    Jayda the Magic-User

    Jayda the Human Magic-User
  • Kael


    Kael the Bard - dead
  • Lord Mordan

    Lord Mordan

    Death Knight who built the Demongate, raised an undead army and destroyed much of the Southern Flanaess.
  • Lt. Garfunkle the Brave

    Lt. Garfunkle the Brave

    Reported the ogre encampments at Keep of Sliveraeon in session 9.
  • Malforix


    Malforix the young red dragon
  • Mayor Gorel

    Mayor Gorel

    Mayor of Tarkhog and owner of the Dashing Dryad Inn
  • Modianteous


    (Modi). Ancient Flan from the previous campaign who rekindled the faith of Lothar.
  • Nithithil


    Nithithil is a sylvan elf of the Vesve Forrest - Dead
  • Parsa


    A revered grey elf diviner magic-user from the Yatil Mountains
  • Pazaal


    Devil encountered by the party at a crossroads.
  • Percy the Sage

    Percy the Sage

    Elderly Human sage found in the Serpent Mound - Dead
  • Petrie the Gnome

    Petrie the Gnome

    Petrie the Gnome follows Alena after she rescued him from being abused in a Highfolk tavern.
  • Prince Argot

    Prince Argot

    Vampire Lord who tried to unite the Great Kingdom and restore it to its former glory.
  • Riley


    Riley was a human female ranger from the original campaign
  • Samson


    Human Fighter
  • Sheriff Colilias

    Sheriff Colilias

    Sheriff of Tarkhog
  • Sir Aldred

    Sir Aldred

    Elven Knight of the High Forest that escaped from the ogre encampment in session 10.
  • Sir Lionas

    Sir Lionas

    Knight of the High Forest
  • Stupid Bird

    Stupid Bird

    Gorm's raven familiar.
  • Tauralathan


    Arch-Lich from previous campaign who slew Iuz and assumed his power
  • Thargus


    Thargus the Arch-Mage originated in the first campaign
  • Vash Argith

    Vash Argith

    Vash is a drow priest of Lothar
  • Winston the Cut-Throat

    Winston the Cut-Throat

    Human male thief, part of Earl and Jayda's original party - Dead
  • Zebak de-Sumarr

    Zebak de-Sumarr

    Huge mean looking minotaur barbarian - dead