Magic Items

Many magic items are created by different brands throughout the realms. The five most common brands include:

  • Horton’s – a utility brand, what you see is what you get, functional
  • Zazad’s – a luxury brand, expensive, posh, religious
  • Malise’s – an arcane brand, comes with surprises – not always pleasant, sometimes creepy
  • Frunaxx Brothers’ – a quality brand, the best quality out there, beautiful and detailed work
  • Mamarach’s – a cheap brand, you get what you pay for, rumored to use sand material instead of gold

So instead of a simple Ring of Protection +1, you would have five variations:

  • Horton’s Ring of Protection +1- Offers +1 protection nothing more.
  • Zazad’s Ring of Protection +1 – Conveys +1 protection to any good aligned character. Evil characters take +1 damage anytime the ring would have offered protection.
  • Malise’s Ring of Protection +1 – Offers +1 protection and channels damage to nearest ally
  • Frunaxx Brothers’ Ring of Protection +1 – Offers +1 protection every time all the time including saving throws
  • Mamarach’s Ring of Protection +1 – Offers +1 protection for 10 uses.

Each magic item’s specific details will vary depending on the base properties listed in the originating manual, the brand that created it and in all likelihood the DM’s mood.

Magic Items

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